Version 2.2 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.

Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS)

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MODS and the ISAD CSV template

At present, there is no MODS-based CSV template for importing descriptions into AtoM. However, because is based on the International Council on Archives ‘ ISAD(G) standard (see: ISAD), the ISAD CSV template can be used for import, as all templates have been crosswalked in AtoM where possible.

To test this, we recommend creating a full MODS description in AtoM, and then changing the display template to MODS, to determine where field in MODS map to ISAD. For more information on changing the display template for a description, see: Change the display standard. If desired, all templates in AtoM can be changed at the same time using the Default template setting available in Admin > Settings - see Default templates.

The CSV mappings below will provide guidance on which ISAD CSV fields can be used to import your MODS-based descriptions into AtoM.

To download the ISAD(G) CSV template for AtoM, please visit our wiki page.

Field descriptions

The MODS standard, maintained by the US Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office, is available at:

Currently AtoM supports the Digital Library Federation second level of adoption for MODS version 3.3 (see DLF Aquifer MODS Guidelines Levels of Adoption).

Information below includes:

  • Template field refers to the default label for that field in AtoM
  • CSV Column refers to the title of the related column in the ((ISAD) CSV template
  • MODS Rule refers to the rule from the applicable standard and/or the instructions provided by AtoM.
  • MODS XML refers to the field mapping to MODS XML for import/export
  • Notes includes any other information needed for successful data entry or CSV import.

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MODS Elements area

An image of the data entry fields in the MODS template.

The data entry fields for the MODS archival description edit template.


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